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15 Great Football Gifts For 2022

15 Great Football Gifts For 2022

Many football players and football fans live and breathe the game, on and off the pitch. This comprehensive guide will help you to find perfect gifts for both girls and boys who like football, players, coaches, kids and adults. From goalie gloves to massage guns, phone cases to cufflinks, there’s something in here to suit even the most seasoned football followers. Many also offer personalisation options for an extra-special customised gift.

Personalised Football Ball

A personalised football is a foolproof gift idea for football fans. Get it decorated with a first name, surname, or nickname as well as special numbers and dates, and choose from a variety of sizes suitable for both kids and adults.

Football Backpack

Kids will want to show off a football backpack at school, and they can also be used for carrying heavy kit. Get one with the colours and badge of their favourite team, or one with a funky football pattern.

Shin guards

Shin guards are compulsory in football, as they protect a player’s legs from heavy contact and help to reduce the risk of injury. Football players will always appreciate a new pair of sturdy and tough plastic guards, and they also come in plenty of fun colours and patterns.

Field Gloves

If the football lover in your life has to train or play matches outside in cold conditions, a pair of field gloves are a must. Lightweight and flexible, they help to keep hands warm while providing extra grip.

Goalie Gloves

When it comes to football gifts, you can’t go wrong with a pair of goalie gloves. There’s a huge range of styles on offer, from budget to professional gloves, all of which help to protect your hands from the impact of the ball. You can even purchase the same brands and styles of gloves that iconic, famous football players wear.

Football Cleats

Football cleats have small studs on the bottom that help players to maintain their grip on the turf while playing. They’re a football gift that will always come in handy, especially for kids who regularly grow out of their boots.

Recovery Sandals

Recovery sandals help football players to recover after a game. Made from shock-absorbing foam, they help to ease muscle aches and take the pressure off tired legs and feet.

Playermaker Wearable Football Tracker

If you know a football enthusiast who takes their performance seriously, a Playermaker wearable tracker can help to provide detailed insights into the way they’re playing. The lightweight device slips over any football boot and can measure speed, distance, and ball stats such as short/long possessions, touch/receive by each leg, and kicking velocity. It links up to a mobile app for easy-to-read graphs and insights.

Indoor Football Shoes

Football players who need to train or play indoors during colder weather will appreciate a pair of indoor football shoes. They’re made without the cleats needed for outdoor play and provide plenty of foot and ankle support during the game.

Massage Gun

A massage gun is a useful tool for players who play with energy and intensity and struggle with their recovery after each game. They help to reduce lactic acid buildup, as well as helping with muscle pain and fatigue. They can usually be adjusted to different speeds and strengths, and are particularly good for targeting feet and legs after a match.

Boot Dryer

Damp and smelly football boots are not something anyone wants to deal with after a long match! Boot dryers help to dry boots quickly, keeping odours at bay and reducing bacteria growth. There are a few different styles of boot dryers, including mains-powered dryers, and non-electrical dryers that use moisture-absorbing gels.

Foam Roller

Like a massage gun or recovery sandals, a foam roller is designed to help players who suffer from muscle aches and tightness after a game. They provide a form of deep-tissue massage and help to release tension, as well as increasing blood flow. Top professionals use foam rollers, making this a fitting gift idea for aspiring players.


If you’re looking for football coach gift ideas to thank them for a great season, then a pair of cufflinks might be the way to go. You can get cufflinks that show off a team’s badge or shirt, and you can also get customised football ball cufflinks for a more personalised gift.

Football Phone Case

Gifts for kids who like football don’t have to be expensive; a personalised phone case with their favourite team’s colours is an excellent and budget-friendly gift. A football phone case is always a fun and easy gift to give for all ages- just make sure you get the right size to fit the intended phone model.

Pro Disc Cones + 15 Drills eBook

Football coach gifts are a nice way to show appreciation for the coach in your life. Some pro disc cones plus a 15 Drills eBook will give them ideas for drills that will help to develop their player’s skills, as well as the plastic cones needed to practise quick turns and nimble footwork.


Now you’ve finished this handy guide full of gift ideas, you should be full of inspiration. We’ve covered gifts for boys who love football, gifts for girls who love football, adults, coaches, players, and fans, and football gifts that are covetable for all ages and abilities.

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