Elevate Preseason Testing: Integrating Technical Metrics for Holistic Monitoring

By Matthew Brown It is commonplace in preseason to conduct baseline performance testing that can be used as an indication of where development is required, and results can be compared to future performance testing outcomes to judge progress. Common tests within football clubs are used to measured max sprint speed, cardiovascular health, aerobic/anaerobic capacity, neuromuscular […]

How to Improve Stamina for Football

Good stamina build-up in football can help improve your endurance. It also gives you the strength to fine-tune your skills. With good stamina for football, you can keep going, even when the game gets intense. When you live, breathe and practice football, these exercises to improve stamina will help you improve your football skills. Below […]

Goalkeeper kicking loads and playing out from the back: Playermaker Insights

Understanding the demands placed on goalkeepers is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and mitigating the risk of overuse injuries. With Playermaker’s innovative foot-worn tracking technology, goalkeepers’ kicking loads and ball distribution are measured, transforming clubs’ approach to better monitoring and understanding their GK’s. Measuring the kicking loads and volumes of a goalkeeper The kicking demands […]

Playermaker Soccer Trackers vs. GPS Vests: Making the Right Choice for Your Performance

In the past decade, soccer performance trackers were a privilege reserved for elite teams. Today, with a number of products on the market, both professionals and amateurs can benefit from technologies that monitor, analyze, and enhance players’ soccer ability. Traditionally, soccer performance analysis relied heavily on video footage, but with today’s innovations, players can now […]