Out of the Lab, onto the Field: Gait Analysis

Gait analysis aids sport scientists in measuring athletes by providing valuable insights into their biomechanics and movement patterns. This analysis, often conducted in specialised labs, allows teams to monitor key metrics such as contact time, flight time, and stride length. By analysing these metrics, teams can assess players’ performance, identify areas for improvement, and track […]

The Art of Technical Mastery: Insights from Our Webinar with Dario Marinoni

At Playermaker, we are committed to bringing you the latest insights and strategies from the world of sports coaching and player development. In a recent webinar, we had the privilege of hosting Dario Marinoni, an assistant coach at a prestigious football academy in Switzerland, where he shared his approach to player development and how Playermaker […]

How Lillestrøm Sportsklubb Uses Playermaker to Transform Football Player Development

At Lillestrøm Academy, a commitment to player development is paramount. Seeking to optimise training methodologies and player evaluations, the academy implemented Playermaker and with this decision, they have revolutionised their approach to talent identification, training optimisation, and strategic decision-making. The collaboration between Lillestrøm Academy and Playermaker has been all positive, according to Antoni Ordinas, Academy […]