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Soccer technology isn’t going to replace your hard work or commitment, but if used right, it can help you get ahead of other hard-working players, not to mention that it can help you reduce the risk of injuries.

In this guide, we go over 4 pieces of soccer technology to improve at soccer on your own, that the pros use to get better.⬇️


Without seeing what you are doing, you can’t improve. It’s very difficult to remember 90 minutes of soccer.

…And when we do remember things, due to how our brain works it’s very difficult to remember things the way they actually were. We can remember that one good run we had while forgetting all the major mistakes we made. But if you want to improve at soccer on your own, analyzing your moves is so important.

Video recording platforms with team sports in mind allow you to capture every player on the field, at all given times, meaning that all your moves can be recorded for 90 minutes…now exist.

You might currently already get video footage from your game, but what video recording platforms like VEO or Pixellot allow you to do is get that non-stop footage of YOU, when playing. Rather than just the footage of the ball and the player with it.

…Meaning that you always can see what you are doing on the pitch.

Standard soccer match footage won’t show you what you did wrong 5 seconds before your opponent was on you, which then resulted in your opponent scoring. It also won’t show you if you made a positioning mistake that could have ended in a goal if your opponents ended up going through your side of the field.

Platforms like VEO are however quite expensive and while can be used by individuals, work best when used by teams.

PLAYERMAKER Wearable Tracker

GPS fitness trackers are great for collecting movement data across the pitch or rather pitches in many different sports. That’s without a doubt.

…But soccer is played with your feet, and if you want to improve soccer on your own, you also need data about your feet.

Playermaker wearable tracker? It’s a pair of smart sensors placed on your soccer cleats that allows you to track both your training as well as soccer matches, allowing you to take your game to the next level.

Technology 1

The technology?

It’s a pair of smart sensors, consisting of one on each cleat, that measures both technical and physical metrics of your game and capabilities. After every session, the data syncs with the app for visualization. It’s the same technology that is trusted by elite clubs and top academies around the world.

In fact, even Arsène Wenger believes in it which is why he is an investor in the company.

“Playermaker provides the most accurate data and is the least disruptive to the players’ game.” – Arsène Wenger

How does the data help?

Here’s what Randy Waldrum, the coach of the University of Pittsburgh Panthers stated about Playermaker:  “Once you’re finished, take the chips off, put it back into the case, your data is uploaded immediately, you have that information and that feedback right away. And then you can recharge this so it’s ready to go, that next time you want to step on the field and train again. So I think this is really a cutting edge device that’s going to be great, not only for the individual player in the development aspects that they’re looking for.”

…In the case of you wanting to improve your game on your own, you will have data regarding your performance during your training and matches. Based on that you will be able to see if things are going in the right way or not. When you have that data, you can make decisions that can allow you to improve further. Perhaps you are overwhelmed with your current workout load and are thus more prone to getting injured, and therefore need to take things easier. With data, you can see that.

Technology 2

…But since Playermaker is a tracker on your feet, you also get soccer-specific insights such as how many times you touched the ball or which feet do you use more. By knowing that you still play better when you utilize your weaker foot during training and matches, even though it is, in theory, your weaker foot, you yourself can make changes that will improve your soccer on your own.


As you probably noticed by now, soccer technology doesn’t directly improve your soccer. You still have to do all the hard work. Technology allows you to get more out of your body though, and sleep trackers are another important component to improving soccer.

Going to bed at a certain time and waking up at a certain time is not enough. Just because you went to sleep at 10 PM doesn’t mean you fell asleep at 10 PM. It doesn’t mean you had enough deep sleep or REM sleep. It doesn’t mean you weren’t constantly waking up at night.

Sleep is one of the most important elements of soccer life. Lower quality sleep results in slower reaction time and drastically increase the potential of injury, not to mention that when we sleep, our muscles repair themselves and cells regenerate. The lack of great sleep will prevent your muscles from developing and repairing from strain.

Sleep is the least talked about aspect of what makes elite athletes elite. And without data, you can’t track it properly.

And that’s where sleep trackers like Whoop or the Oura Ring come in as tools to get more out of your sleep, so that you can improve soccer on your own, at the optimal rate, without getting injured.


In the past, if you were in an area that wasn’t too big on soccer or in a country that lacked resources, your soccer journey was much more difficult. Without the right knowledge, you can only do so much.

Today you can access experts online on platforms like Technefutbol, or otherwise for free on platforms like YouTube, and if you want to take things even further, there are sites out there where you can learn tactics from the likes of Mourinho.

Just a few years ago, unless you were already a top-notch player, it was very difficult to get advice from the top of the soccer world. Now it’s possible, meaning you can apply the training plans, tactics, and techniques, to your own game.

…Not to mention that overall it is much easier to watch players play in your own position. It’s cheaper and more affordable than ever.


You can read this guide or 10 other guides sharing other soccer tech, but unless you are on the soccer pitch working every day to get better, it won’t matter. You need to put in the work, and then combine it with the tech shared in this.

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