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Take control of player performance and accelerate development

Players Experience

Players become informed and motivated to improve by accessing individual performance data and improvement plans via their own mobile app

Coach Experience

The players take care of managing the devices, and data syncs seamlessly to private coach dashboards that empower simple, yet powerful, decisions that optimize physical, technical, and tactical training plans

Light and durable elastic straps are barely noticed by players when worn.

(Weight: 6 grams / 0.21 ounces)


Light and el astic, yet durable straps. Designed to keep your game and data safe.

(18.9 grams / 0.66 ounces)


Smart, compact case designed to hold both sensors for charging and data sync with CITYPLAY app.

Easily sync your data from your session with placing the sensors inside the Player case.

Data is automatically synced to both the individual players’ CITYPLAY App, and the City Play Team Plus coaches dashboard

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