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Elevate Preseason Testing: Integrating Technical Metrics for Holistic Monitoring

By Matthew Brown

It is commonplace in preseason to conduct baseline performance testing that can be used as an indication of where development is required, and results can be compared to future performance testing outcomes to judge progress.

Common tests within football clubs are used to measured max sprint speed, cardiovascular health, aerobic/anaerobic capacity, neuromuscular strength/power, agility and mobility characteristics. A large variety of technology allows practitioners to conduct tests to measures these aforementioned performance outcomes and collect highly accurate results.

However, did you know that it is now possible to integrate the collection of technical and more in-depth physical locomotor performance-based metrics on the field? Playermaker provides football clubs with the ability to accurately record football-specific technical and gait analysis metrics that may help to provide a more holistic approach to testing during preseason.

The following metrics will provide more value within preseason testing by incorporating the analysis of player technical performance:

  • Maximal kicking velocity
  • Training/match release volume and intensity
  • Change of direction ability with/out the ball
  • Technical balance (competency using both feet with the football)
  • Running gait metrics (floor contact time, flight time, stride length)

Interested in learning more about how Playermaker helps Football Clubs optimise technical, tactical, and physical capabilities?

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