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Playermaker CITYPLAY Smart Soccer Tracker Review

Cityplay product with mobile phone tracking

CITYPLAY is a great smart soccer tracker for improving your soccer skills. It provides performance metrics and personalized feedback while using cutting-edge AI-based measurements of your physical and technical skills.

In addition, the tool is perfect for in-game situations and has been developed using global age and gender benchmarks. It’s the only Fifa-accredited foot-worn tracking device allowed in official play, making it highly sought-after by soccer players of all levels. 

Over 150 elite academies have used CITYPLAY’s technology since 2017, including Fulham, Rangers, Norwich, Millwall, FC Copenhagen, and even the Argentinian FA. As a result, the tool has fantastic credibility in the soccer world. 

In this article, we’ll break down the CITYPLAY Smart Soccer Tracker and show you how it’ll rapidly improve your soccer performance. 

How Does CITYPLAY Work?

CITYPLAY is a motion sensor you can strap to your cleats. In turn, it will record your foot movements and analyze your data, ensuring you learn the ins and outs of your soccer performance and where to improve. 

The product includes all the essentials: sensors, straps, and an app that works on Android and iPhones. The app will record all the data simply, making it understandable for all skill levels. 

To ensure CITYPLAY collects accurate data, it has light and compact smart sensors (6 grams /0.21 ounces). The sensors will monitor your movements over 1000 times/sec, ensuring accurate analysis each session. 

CITYPLAY measures over 25 key soccer metrics, including kicking power, ball possessions, time on the ball, time to release the ball, and much more. Furthermore, it tracks important physical metrics like sprint distance, acceleration/deceleration, distance covered off and on the ball, and top speed off/on the ball. 


CITYPLAY has all the features you need for high performance—including physical and technical metrics. 

The top technical metrics include:

  • Kicking Power: CITYPLAY is an ideal tool for gauging your kicking power—an important metric for high performance, regardless of your position on the pitch. You’ll need strong kicking power for shooting, passing, set pieces, clearances, and counterattacks. 
  • Ball Possessions: CITYPlAY can also provide detailed data on ball possessions. For example, ball possessions are essential for controlling the game, creating scoring opportunities, implementing a defensive strategy, and resting and regaining composure. 
  • Time on the Ball: CITYPLAY gives insights into your time on the ball. The more time you spend on the ball—the more chance you’ll have of making informed decisions. It’s also key for executing skills, building attacks, reducing pressure, and dictating the tempo. 
  • Time to Release the Ball: CITYPLAY provides critical insights into the time to release the ball. This metric is essential for exploiting space, maintaining possession, countering high press, creating goal-scoring opportunities, and preventing turnovers. 

The top physical metrics include:

  • Sprint Distance: One of the most important physical metrics is spring distance, regardless of the position you play in. CITYPLAY is a brilliant tool for gaining insight into this metric, which will help penetrate defenses and increase defensive pressure. 
  • Acceleration and Deceleration: CITYPLAY tells you how fast you accelerate and decelerate during matches. Acceleration allows players to quickly reach their maximum speed—enabling them to burst past opponents, create separation, and accelerate into space.
  • Top Speed Off/On The Ball: CITYPLAY gives you critical insights into top speed off and on the ball. Your top speed off the ball is the maximum speed when sprinting without the ball. This is important for making runs behind the defense, stretching the opposition’s backline, and creating goal-scoring opportunities
  • Distance Covered Off and On The Ball: The distance covered on the ball represents the distance a player travels while in possession of the ball. This includes dribbling, carrying the ball forward, and executing attacking plays. CITYPLAY has insights into these all metrics. 


There are various tools to track your performance when playing soccer, including a GPS vest. However, many of these tools lack the functionality to provide the best in-game experience. CITYPLAY, in contrast, has all the functionality you need. 

The straps are custom-made to seamlessly blend with your boots, ensuring a snug and imperceptible feel while you’re in the game. This means you can concentrate entirely on your performance without any interruptions or discomfort.


The most important factor when choosing a tool to gauge your soccer skills is whether it affects your performance. Thankfully, CITYPLAY enhances your performance by giving you all the key metrics. 

In addition, due to CITYPLAY’s functionality, the tool isn’t uncomfortable to wear and ensures you continue performing to your best level. 

Data Accuracy

Accurate data is crucial for high performance; without it, you’ll never find out where you must improve. CITYPLAY uses the latest technology to ensure accurate data tracking. 

Also, the data is available on the app, allowing you to continually check your performance in mere seconds. 

Benefits of using CITYPLAY

1. Covers Key Metrics

The main advantage of CITYPLAY is the level of metrics it covers. These metrics enable you to start your session, analyze your game, set goals, and improve your performance. Unfortunately, a GPS vest can’t provide anywhere close to the same metrics. 

2. Perfect for all Age Levels

CITYPLAY is designed for soccer players aged 8 and upwards. For instance, the technology lets you effortlessly track, monitor, compare, share, and benchmark performance metrics—enabling you to continuously improve your game over time.

3. Durability 

CITYPLAY is an incredibly durable product. Created with a durable silicone strap, the tool can withstand the hardest playing conditions and environments, including snow, wind, rain, and extreme heat. 

4. Zero Interference 

Another huge advantage of CITYPLAY is it doesn’t interfere with your performance in a match. The manufacturer has specifically designed the straps to integrate with your boots, offering a comfortable and unnoticeable fit during gameplay. Therefore, it allows you to focus solely on your performance without distractions or discomfort. 

5. High Usability 

You can use CITYPLAY with many different cleats/boots or artificial turf shoes. In addition, you can use CITYPLAY for futsal because the technology can work indoors and outdoors. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee if the tool is inconvenient. 

6. Lifetime Warranty 

If you’re concerned about CITYPLAY breaking, you’ll be delighted to know there’s a lifetime warranty with the product if you have an active membership.

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