Harvey Elliott

Harvey Elliott

A commonly asked question amongst the soccer community is what makes a great player? Is it a natural aptitude for the game? Or does skill follow dedication? In the case of Harvey Elliott, the key to delivering consistent, game-changing performances is a healthy amount of both.

After all, you don’t become the youngest player in the Premier League’s history if you don’t have a fair amount of talent and dedication. Great soccer players don’t simply have good games; they have great seasons. And despite Harvey Elliott being only 19 years old, he’s had some great ones.

Having come up through the Fulham F.C. Academy, Elliott made his debut for Fulham in September 2018 and went on to make quite an impression on fellow professionals, coaches, and soccer fans worldwide. Just short of a year later, when he was signed by Liverpool F.C., becoming the youngest player ever to play in the Premier League.

As it happens with all great soccer players, the nurturing of a top-class talent takes time, even when the signs of success are visible early on. But without technical ability, a soccer player can never hope to be considered “great” – regardless of their effort and commitment to the game. Technique is the vocabulary of soccer, and just like learning a language, it does not happen overnight.


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Now, this is something Playermaker has always understood – that talent is nurtured through years of learning with many hours of repetition. The ability to receive a pass, control it and make the right decisions under pressure requires movement development and technical excellence. With the right tools, promising soccer players can keep track of their progress and improve their ball mastery skills over time. And this is precisely what Harvey has been able to do with Playermaker.

Elliott has used Playermaker technology since his days in the academy, enabling him to substantially increase his athletic potential. The technology uses sensors placed on soccer cleats to provide athletes like Harvey with real-time, individual performance measurements that enable them to perfect their technical ability over time. Using the soccer stats tracker, Elliott was able to keep track of his kick velocity, sprint distance, balance, and more to make improvements. The training management technology in the soccer tracker monitors all aspects of training, enabling coaches to tailor training practice for optimum results. As such, trainers and athletes themselves can assess performance and determine what aspects they need to focus on.

In September 2021, Elliott sustained a horrific injury in Liverpool’s Premier League match against Leeds. It was clear straight away the Harvey Elliott injury was a bad one and serious enough to keep him off the field for several months. Two days after he was stretchered off the field, Harvey underwent surgery at a London hospital to fix the fractured dislocation of his left ankle. At the time, it was unclear how long the recovery process would take. But he remained positive from the outset, despite the horrific nature of the injury, and was seen running less than two months after his injury which many consider to be a miraculous recovery.

With the Playermaker, Harvey was able to step up his recovery from the injury. By December, the 18-year-old could complete a number of running drills as he worked his way to full fitness. Keeping track of his movements allowed him to make small adjustments and improvements every day. As such, Harvey was able to get back to playing form within five months, proving once again to Harvey Elliott’s current teams that he was an asset for the long term.


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So, not only is technology revolutionizing sports training by live-tracking performances, but it can also be quite useful in the treatment of injuries. As Harvey proved, one other common quality among the ‘greats’ of soccer is a spirit of resilience and a mindset for growth – nowhere is this more evident than when they have to recover from an injury.

In sports, there is always room for improvement. Natural ability, dedication, and hard work are all required along the way, but it takes an innate understanding of the nuances of the game to truly stand out. Playmakers like Liverpool’s Harvey Elliott can preempt how a passage of play will play out and how their actions will affect the outcome of the game. More importantly, they understand that their learning in this respect can never be complete. This is where Playermaker sets out to make a difference – to nurture athletes’ innate resilience and love for the game, support them through their journeys, and enable them to make never-ending progress in the sport they love.



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