Playermaker Takes Over The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Playermaker soccer shoe sensor and soccer ball

In 2017, when we first brought Playermaker to market, our initial task was to convince the ecosystem that tracking athletic performance from the foot, by wearing a strap below the ankle, delivers the most accurate and valuable performance insights. Achieving this objective required persistence and collaboration with teams and players who shared our vision.

Last Thursday, Playermaker won the Sports Technology Awards for the Best Sports Equipment or Wearable Technology. It was a tremendous honor to be nominated among the shortlist of amazing brands, and then let alone to be selected as the winner for 2020! This is a momentous accomplishment for us, demonstrating recognition by the industry that Playermaker’s tracking footwear-mounted device is the future of technology in sport.

Playermaker is very fortunate to be supported by an amazing community of athletes and teams, from top professional clubs around the world to players in recreational leagues.

We, at Playermaker, continue to be driven by our desire to bring our cutting-edge technology to help athletes to fulfil their personal potential and their pursuit of excellence.

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