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Trusted by hundreds of elite CLUBS and federations WORLDWIDE

Now available for all aspiring players of all ages and levels to unlock their full potential

Track more than 25 soccer metrics

The location of the sensor on your cleats allows the technology to measure insights relating to the context of the game

Ball touches

The total number of times your leg came in contact with the ball.


The total number of high-speed changes you made above 2 m/s2 for at least 0.5 second.

Sprint distance

The total distance you covered above the speed threshold of 5.5 m/s for Pro Sprints or 4.2 m/s for Youth Sprints.

Total distance

The total distance you covered during an activity.

Kicking power

The maximum speed of your foot during the kick.

Intense turns

Total number of times you changed running direction at least 30 degrees while running faster than 14/4kph.

Compare and compete

Our data is based on age and gender benchmarks across our database of players worldwide, to allow you to compare within your category and improve.


See how your stats are trending and what you can do to improve them.

Personal records

keep improving your training highlights to impact your match highlights, and push those personal records higher.

Ready to take your game to the next level?

Get much more with CITYPLAY than with a GPS vest


Gathers data throughout practice sessions and matches

Stores data within a mobile application

Measures physical soccer metrics

Measures technical soccer metrics

Comfortable to wear during practice sessions and matches

Works the same Indoor as it does Outdoor

GPS Vest

Unlike back-mounted wearables, this product enables further-reaching insights into performance and medical disciplines due to the position on the boot generating data on the lower limbs. It shows promise to being a cost-efficient alternative for individual and team data collection and in simplifying analysis, thus contributing to making tracking technologies available across more levels of football.

Manchester City badge transparent


Designed with sophisticated AI technology to track your performance and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, CITYPLAY offers performance-based personalized insights, advice, and recommendations from Manchester City professionals.

Small sensors,
massive impact

6-axis smart sensors sample movement 1000 times per second, precisely measuring ground impact, ball contact, and foot rotation.

CITYPLAY sensors and case

Seamless straps

Light, durable and seamless straps, fit all sizes.

Instant feedback

Unlock your technical & physical football skills, see your highlights and learn how to improve your game.


Soccer's more than just a game to me, it's my life. I'm always grinding to be the best and now with this CITYPLAY technology, it's like there's no ceiling to what I can do.
David - Allentown United FC player
Why Customers Love Us
4.5 out of 5 on


Michael R.

Highly recommended if you want to take your game to the next level!

A few college friends and I play soccer weekly and we bought Playermaker’s CityPlay to see whether the numbers prove we are getting better. Not only has it been fun to compete with each other across the scores the app creates for us, but I have personally been able to see how I am getting better with practice. My ball control and non-dominant foot usage were my focuses and its great to visualize my performance change over time in the app since our scrimmages don’t have coaches. Even playing for a team, my coaches as a kid could never compare to the amount of data the app shows me.


Ring W.

Improve your game

I figured I’d give these smart tracker a try to help improve my son’s soccer game. It comes with two different size straps that you simply wrap around your cleats with right and left foot sensors. The sensors collect the data during play and automatically upload it to the app on your phone, which you can share with others. You can target specific metrics in order to focus in on them and improve those skills. You will quickly see your progress increase as you go through this process. It especially helped my son with utilizing his non-dominant foot more effectively to improve his game. This is an amazing little gadget that will certainly lead to impressive results.



These are brilliant!

+ I’m barely scratching the surface of what these can do.
+ I wanted to track my steps and how I’m moving during my games and this does that…and MORE!
+ These are easy to install on my shoes.
+ The app works well to track and to showcase tracked information.
+ Signing up for the service was easy, just follow the instructions.


Shai K.

Must have for soccer players

The CITYPLAY Smart Soccer Tracker for Cleats by Playermaker offers an impressive array of features, allowing players to monitor over 25 technical and physical metrics. The integration with the CITYPLAY Soccer Training App provides a comprehensive training experience. The 12-month access to the app is a noteworthy inclusion, ensuring players have ample time to utilize the tracking and training resources. While some users might find the setup a bit complex initially, the accurate data and personalized insights make it a valuable tool for serious players looking to enhance their performance.


Syl S.

Most Excellent Training Aid

When you’re deeply into your activity, whatever it is, and doing everything you can to improve data is treasure, deeply valuable, but hard to obtain, incredible treasure. To actually get that otherwise unobtainable treasure is beyond huge. This smart tracker delivers that treasured data. It’s most excellent and will be treasured by those super into soccer and improving their game. Works great.A good deal. 🙂


Azriel G.

This CITYPLAY tracker is phenomenal!

This CITYPLAY Smart Soccer Tracker for Cleats by Playermaker, Track 25+ Technical & Physical Metrics is very phenomenal!! The packing itself is just amazing the way it comes. It’s almost like a whole experience just opening it up! So the point of it is to track your statistics when it comes to playing soccer, meaning it can track your power, the placement of your cake, the precision, and all this other stuff to improve your skills. Now how exactly does this work? Well, whenever you get better statistics, you start repeating the same move over and over and it becomes muscle memory to the point where you just play like that. It is a really phenomenal product. It comes with its own little travel bag apart from the little case that holds the sensors and it even shows you which one goes on which foot and which sensor goes on which strap. Really phenomenal piece and it would definitely help anyone improve their game from amateurs to professionals!



Easy To Use, Outstanding Lessons, Great Fit, Excellent Price

This product is a great value for the money, as it tracks more than 25 technical and physical metrics and comes with a 12 month access to the CITYPLAY Soccer Training App. It is also more advanced than GPS trackers, which makes it perfect for any soccer player looking to up their game. The Smart Soccer Tracker allows players to monitor their performance by tracking a variety of metrics, including sprints, distance covered, and jump height. It also allows players to see how long it is taking them to make decisions on the field and how they are performing when faced with certain situations.


Soccer is an eternal passion.

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new technology releases, limited promotions,
inspiring stories and much more.

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