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Step 1: 
Use the button below and complete your subscription registration.

Note: You will not be charged at this time. See the FAQ below for more about how the subscription policy works. 

Step 2:
Make sure your coupon code has been applied to ensure you’re not charged during this step. Your code is found on the card inside your CITYPLAY kit, as shown below: 

If you have any questions visit our Help Center or contact our Customer Support.


CITYPLAY memberships are on a subscription basis and your initial purchase includes your first year of membership. In order to activate your membership, your information is required to be in our system to provide you with your unique coupon code. Your credit card will not be charged at this time. When your membership period ends, you’ll automatically be charged for the next membership period, unless your subscription is canceled in advance.

When you scan the QR code in the box with your CITYPLAY kit, your coupon code will automatically populate in the registration page. You can also find it on the card in your kit, as shown below:

Your membership becomes active on the day that you enter your Activation Code into the app. Once your membership ends, your membership will automatically renew at the same price that you initially paid. Automatic renewal will occur on the day of the month in which you purchased your subscription plan. 

To avoid automatic renewal, you’ll need to reach out to support to cancel or pause your subscription at least 24 hours before your next billing cycle.

There is a 30-day full money-back guarantee from the day you receive the product if you’re not satisfied.

The warranty for the CITYPLAY case and sensors is continuous, as long as you have a valid subscription. You can read the full details of the warranty policy in our terms and conditions. 

Lost parts of the CITYPLAY kit are not covered under our warranty policy.

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