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CITYPLAY memberships are on a subscription basis and your initial purchase includes your first year of membership. In order to activate your membership, your information is required to be in our system to provide you with your unique coupon code. Your credit card will not be charged at this time. When your membership period ends, you’ll automatically be charged for the next membership period, unless your subscription is canceled in advance.

When you scan the QR code found on the yellow card included in your CITYPLAY box, your coupon code will automatically populate on the registration page.

Your membership becomes active on the day that you enter your Activation Code into the app. Your CITYPLAY membership will automatically renew after 12 months from activation as a per year annual membership. All prices are VAT-inclusive. A renewal notification email will be sent a week before the renewal date. You can cancel anytime.

We provide a lifetime warranty for CITYPLAY devices with an active membership. Terms and conditions apply.

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