Olivia Moultrie Joins Playermaker as First Official Female Brand Ambassador

Play Like A Girl

Like a Girl is here! We are dedicating an extra 20% off for GIRLS only on all plans for two weeks only. Use the code: LAG20 on any plan. Join Now » Equality is our commitment, data innovation our superpower. We want to highlight the immense talent of several female soccer players across the US […]


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Importance of Technical and Tactical Skill Acquisition Biobanding research is being implemented in academy football where players are grouped on the basis of attributes associated with growth and maturation instead of chronological age. The players are categorised into two groups; early maturing players and late maturing players. In biobanding sessions, research is conducted to see […]

Kicking Actions to Profile Players

Release Velocity

Applied Example in the Academy Context Our technology has the power to measure a strength or power measure in the release velocity. The ability to now profile each player in training sessions where MDT teams look at each player’s left vs right foot maximum release velocity. Players in the Elite context are able to use […]

The Harvey Elliott and Playermaker Partnership

Harvey Elliott

One of the most celebrated rising stars in British football, Harvey Elliott recently announced his partnership with Playermaker. Elliott is no stranger to Playermaker’s technology, as he’s been using the wearable football boot tracker since way back in 2018 when he was at Fulham Academy. Following his stratospheric rise to fame, Elliott is using his […]